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Journal Article

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land use - planning, place - urban, mode - rail, mode - mass transit, mode - subway/metro


Urban transportation, Underground railways, Transportation planning, Transit, Trade off analysis, Subways, Ridership, Public transit, Patronage (Transit ridership), New York City, New York (New York), Measures of effectiveness, Mass transit, Local transit, Intracity transportation, Comparison studies, Alternatives analysis


A study is reported which was performed in an effort to decrease transit ridership on the Queens Boulevard subwaylines. Some unusual measures of effectiveness were therefore developed such as passengers diverted from a subway tunnel, reduction in riders, and redirection in overcrowded passenger-miles. In this study, all options including the "no build" option, dealt with sizable capital expenditures and all utilized only "heavy rail" or "commuter rail" technology. The five options considered in the study are as follows: no additional construction; the Queens Bypass Express; the Queens Boulevard local line connection; the subway/LIRR transfer; and the LIRR/Archer Subway connection. The details of the study are summarized.