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Journal Article

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operations - performance, economics - appraisal/evaluation, organisation - performance, mode - mass transit


Transit, Public transit, Productivity, Production rate, Performance indicators, Performance evaluations, Performance, Measures of effectiveness, Mass transit, Local transit, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Economic efficiency, Auditing


This article summarizes the activities of the Institute of Transportation Engineer's Committee 6F-22 which undertook a study of performance indicators used by transit operators, local and regional planning agencies, and state and local governments. The specific objectives of the study were to: (1) identify performance measures of performance indicators considered most useful by the transit operators and state and provincial transportation agencies, (2) identify how the measures are utilized by different sectors of the transit community, and (3) identify the methods for assembling the required data. A field survey was undertaken of a group of operators and state and provincial transportation agencies in the U.S. and Canada. The survey uncovered a wide range of indicators currently in use and wide variance in the data collection and analysis capabilities of the agencies surveyed. Summary tables list those measures most commonly used by type of agency for the following uses: funding requirements, operations improvement, regulatory compliance, performance audits and capital planning.