Impact of Heavy-rail-based Rapid Transit on House Prices: Evidence from the Fremont, CA, Warm Springs BART Extension Project


Shishir Mathur

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Journal Article

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Subject Area

place - north america, place - urban, mode - rail, economics - willingness to pay, land use - impacts


spatial analysis, spatial econometrics, transitt, transportation, hedonic regression, rapid transit, heavy rail


This study estimates households’ willingness to pay for single-family houses and condominiums/townhouses located within 2 miles of Warm Springs (WS) BART Station in Fremont, CA. The study finds that, compared to the houses sold in the control distance band (2–5 miles away), an average-priced single-family house within 2 miles of the WS BART Station was higher in price by 9 to 15 percent. The total property value increment for the single-family houses is large enough to fund the $802 million Warm Springs BART Extension Project cost five times over.


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