Decision support system for evaluating park & ride system using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method

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Journal Article

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place - urban, mode - park and ride, policy - sustainable, land use - planning


Multicriteria decision making, AHP, accessibility, P&R


The park and ride (P&R) system is a crucial transfer point between private and public transportation, playing a significant role in the sustainable urban mobility plan (SUMP) and operational objectives of the system. The implementation of the P&R system requires careful consideration of diverse criteria related to private vehicles and public transport, which must be evaluated by transportation planners with expertise in transportation, road safety, and mobility. When determining the optimal location for the P&R system, transportation planners specializing in transportation, road safety, and mobility must take a number of criteria into account. This paper discusses the use of the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) for establishing a P&R system. In addition, the multi-criteria method permits consensus on the primary criteria for the location of the P&R system in an intermediate city. The result shows that accessibility to public transportation has been identified as the most important criterion for establishing a P&R system by transportation planners. In conclusion, the AHP is a multi-criteria method that allows transport planners to evaluate the location of the P&R system.


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