UK local authority attitudes to Park and Ride

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Journal Article

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ridership - attitudes, policy - parking, mode - bus, mode - park and ride


United Kingdom, Park and ride, Modal shift, Mental attitudes, Local government, Intracity bus transportation, Great Britain, Fringe parking, Bus transit, Attitudes


Although the high level of implementation activity within the UK would suggest that bus-based Park and Ride (P&R) is a favoured policy option, little evidence exists which tests this assumption empirically or explores it in detail. In addition, a growing body of evidence indicates that P&R may increase the vehicle miles travelled (VMT) of its users. This paper reports on a recent survey of UK local authorities, both with and without current P&R provision, to understand the reasons behind its popularity and the level of recognition of its effectiveness in reducing car use. Particular consideration is given to the relationship between P&R and conventional public transport (particularly bus) services, as the transfer of passengers from these can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of P&R. The potential future growth of P&R is also addressed. The results suggest a number of divergences with the empirical evidence, particularly with regards the traffic effects of P&R. P&R is predicted to grow but there is support for implementing P&R in ways that may increase its effectiveness.


Journal of Transport Geography home Page: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/09666923