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Trip generation, Trip estimation, Trip distribution, Traffic generation, Traffic estimation, Land use, Institute of Transportation Engineers, Handbooks, Guidebooks


The sixth edition of the Institute of Transportation Engineers' informational report, "Trip Generation," has been published in three volumes. Volume 1 contains the trip generation rates, plots, and equations for land uses 000 through 499. These include the categories port and terminal, industrial/agricultural, residential, lodging, and recreational. Volume 2 contains the trip generation rates, plots, and equations for land uses 500 through 999, which include institutional, medical, office, retail, and services categories. Data from more than 750 new sites have resulted in the addition of 19 new land uses, thus bringing the database to a total of more than 3,750 studies and 136 land uses. New land uses include light rail transit station with parking, miniature golf course, golf driving range, multipurpose recreational facility, automobile racetrack, ice rink, casino/video lottery establishment, middle school/junior high school, freestanding discount superstore, fast-food restaurant with drive-through window and no indoor seating, quick lubrication vehicle shop, automobile parts sales, wholesale tire store, home improvement superstore, electronics superstore, toy/children's superstore, pharmacy/drugstore without drive-through window, pharmacy/drugstore with drive-through window, and video rental store. Volume 3, the user's guide, contains most of the information that was in the first five chapters of the fifth edition and its update, along with a detailed listing of all the changes that have been made since the fifth edition.