M B. Meyer

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Journal Article

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operations - capacity, operations - traffic, planning - safety/accidents, organisation - regulation


Uniformity, Traffic safety, Traffic regulations, Traffic laws, Traffic law enforcement, Traffic delay, Traffic capacity, Through on red, T junctions, T intersections, Standardization, Standardisation, Recommendations, Liability, Impact studies, Highway capacity, Harmonization, Harmonisation


A high level Task Force met at ITE Headquarters on January 14, 1983 to consider and discuss the new Indiana "through on red" law and its potential ramifications. Immediately following endorsement of the Task Force report a request was sent to the governor of Indiana recommending repeal of this law which allows motorists approaching a T intersection in the top of the T to proceed straight ahead after stop even though they are still facing a red traffic signal indication. This article reports the results of the Task Force study. The TOR impacts in the following areas were examined: (1) energy and pollution; (2) safety; (3) human factors; (4) impact on other states; (5) Federal funding ramifications; (6) uniformity of laws and traffic control devices; (7) logical extension of right turn on red; (8) ITE policies; (9) legal implications and liability; (10) public acceptance; (11) delay; (12) law enforcement; (13) pedestrians and bicycles; (14) transit operations; (15) signal operations and signal systems; and (16) capacity. Conclusions and recommendations made by the Task Force are reported, along the position statement issued by the ITE Technical Council.