In-Train Air Quality Assessment of the Railway Transit System in Beijing: A Note

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Journal Article

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organisation - management, mode - rail


Transportation control measures, Smog control, Railway carriages, Rail transit, Peking (China), Passenger cars, Particulates, Emission control, Concentration (Chemistry), Climate control, Beijing (China), Air quality management, Air quality, Air pollution control, Air pollution, Air pollutants, Air conditioning systems


This study examines the concentrations of air pollutants in passenger carriages on a number of lines of the Beijing railway transit system differentiating between services with and without air conditioning. In-train air quality monitoring found PM10 concentrations are extremely high compared with other cities. Integrated factor assessment results show that the in-train air quality in the ground railway transit system where there is air conditioning is more acceptable than in the underground system.


Transportation Research Part D Home Page: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/13619209