Trucking Industry Preferences for Traveler Information for Drivers Using Wireless Internet-Enabled Devices

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Journal Article

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planning - surveys, planning - signage/information, ridership - drivers, mode - bus


Wireless communication systems, Trucking, Truck transportation, Truck drivers, Surveys, Motor truck transportation, Manufacturers, Managerial personnel, Internet, Industry, Industries, Factor analysis, Businessmen, ATIS, Advanced traveler information systems


This study investigates what type of information truck drivers would want to have if they could use Internet-enabled wireless devices to access traveler information. Preferences from managers of 700 for-hire trucking companies and private trucking fleets were analyzed to determine how they valued information about such things as locations of freeway incidents and lane closures, port and rail terminal schedules and clearances, delays at terminals, train arrivals at grade crossings, weather, and travel times on alternative routes. Using a factor-analytic model with regressor variables, the authors found that perceptions of the value of specific sources of traffic information are related to the operating characteristics of the trucking companies.


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