The Role of Paratransit: Some Reflections Based on the Experience of Residents' Coach Services in Hong Kong


Becky P Y Loo

Document Type

Journal Article

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Subject Area

ridership - mode choice, ridership - attitudes, mode - paratransit


Socioeconomic factors, Socioeconomic aspects, Residents' coach service, Residential location, Questionnaires, Place of residence, Paratransit services, Mode choice, Modal choice, Mental attitudes, Hong Kong (China), Dial a ride, Choice of transportation, Case studies, Attitudes


A new form of paratransit called residents’ coach, which provides exclusive transport services to residents living in private housing estates, has emerged in Hong Kong in the past two decades. This paper discusses the background underlying the emergence and subsequent growth of residents’ coach services and the role of residents’ coach in the public transport system of Hong Kong. It also examines if residents’ coach services should be replaced since more railway extensions are now available and, if so, the potential impact of this change on users. A large-scale questionnaire survey was administered that examined not only people’s modal choice but also their residential choice, socio-economic background and attitudes. The findings suggest that transportation policy makers should pay more attention to new forms of paratransit and ways to integrate them into the overall public transport system, both spatially and temporally, since these services can fill an important gap between conventional mass transit and private cars.