Land Use-Transportation Scenario Planning: Promise and Reality

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Journal Article

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planning - methods, planning - surveys, land use - planning, mode - subway/metro


Transportation planning, Surveys, Strategies, Strategic planning, Regional planning, Public participation, Public involvement, Priorities, Planning process, Planning methods, Objectives, Metropolitan areas, Methodology, Methodologies, Local participation, Land use planning, Institutional issues, Goals, Conurbations, Citizen participation


Metropolitan areas are increasingly using land use-transportation scenario planning as a way to provide citizens with opportunities to engage in constructive dialogue about the future of their communities and to serve as a basis for action to direct the course of that future. This study reviews 80 scenario planning projects from more than 50 U.S. metropolitan areas. The analysis reveals that the actual practice of scenario planning has not yet lived up to its potential. To improve scenario planning, public involvement processes need to be revamped, methodologies used in scenario planning need to be reassessed, and the institutional structure behind regional land use-transportation scenario planning need to be bolstered.