Toward Socially Sustainable Urban Transportation: Progress and Potentials

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Journal Article

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land use - impacts, land use - planning, policy - equity, policy - sustainable, policy - social exclusion, place - urban


Urban transportation, Sustainable development, Sustainability, Social justice, Social inclusion, Social impacts, Social equity, Quality of life, Planning, Intracity transportation, Fairness (Social equity), Equity (Justice), Accessibility


Drawing upon relevant literature, this article reviews research on socially sustainable urban transportation (SSUT). Arguing that the social dimensions of sustainability are more often implied rather than explicit, this article subsequently considers how urban transportation influences the achievement of social sustainability in urban regions. Socially sustainable urban transportation is implied in the literature through the elements of social equity, social exclusion, and quality of life. Several well-established research areas provide potential theoretical, methodological, and applied insight into the development of future socially sustainable urban transportation research agendas, including: urban form, location- and individual-based accessibility, and city/regional planning for sustainability.