Homelink: a new linked taxi service from London Transport


G Bailey

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Conference Paper

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mode - taxi


London Transport began a trial of a linked taxi service in January 1998 at two stations in north London. The aim of the scheme is to increase off-peak public transport demand and thus, generate more revenue for the business. The concept of a linked taxi service had been proposed within the organization for several years, however, a scheme had not been implemented partially because the business case could not be proven. Until recently, a lack of experience in operating such schemes has existed in the United Kingdom. The relevance of a linked taxi service had been identified in market research undertaken by London Transport. The Home-Link scheme, as London Transport's linked taxi service is known, was thus a result of a decision within the organization to market test the linked taxi concept and then use the results to decide whether such schemes would stimulate additional public transport demand. This paper outlines the rationale, development process and implementation of the trial Home-Link scheme in London.


Permission to publish abstract given by AET.