Information Technology Update for Transit


R. Boldt

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planning - signage/information, land use - planning, organisation - management, technology - management information systems


Deployment, Information technology, Investments, Management information systems, Markets, Organizations, Policy, Public transit, State of the art reports, Strategic planning, Transit operating agencies


This synthesis will be of interest to all transit professionals with involvement and interest in information technology (IT). It will also be of interest to those who interact with transit agencies in this area. It is an update of TCRP Synthesis 5, "Management Information Systems," (TRIS 00670400) and documents the transit industry's state of the practice in information and communication technologies against a contemporary background of business practice. It is organized into the basic architectural pieces that constitute an IT plan in order to provide the essential framework for the planning process. Additionally, organizational issues and policies and market trends affecting investment in and deployment of Management Information System (MIS) technology are documented. This document from the Transportation Research Board addresses the changes that have occurred since 1994, emphasizes the critical management issues and problems confronting the transit industry, and provides concrete IT strategies appropriate to various types and sizes of transit organizations. IT needs are documented to be essentially the same for all agencies and, thus, the synthesis focus facilitates a comprehensive review of the myriad IT issues and concerns of the entire industry, accommodating both large and small agencies.


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