Communicating with Persons with Disabilities in a Multimodal Transit Environment

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planning - surveys, planning - marketing/promotion, planning - signage/information, land use - planning, policy - disability, policy - environment, place - north america, literature review - literature review


Cognitive impairment, Communications, Customer service, Hearing impaired persons, Human factors, Information technology, Interviewing, Literature reviews, Marketing, North America, Planning, Public transit, Surveys, Training, Transit operating agencies, Visually impaired persons


This synthesis will be of interest to transit agency professionals and the consultants who work with them in dealing with travelers with disabilities. These are travelers with sensory, vision, hearing, and cognitive impairments who need alternative methods for accessing and processing the transit information that is now being commonly provided to the general public. The report describes current North American transit practice in information and communication technologies, as well as operations, implementation, and human factor issues. Attention is given to information and communication technologies related to planning, customer service, marketing, and training that can improve the travel experience for all persons traveling in a transit environment. The focus is on the communication techniques and technologies for persons with sensory and cognitive disabilities. This document from the Transportation Research Board integrates information from a literature review, survey responses from 19 transit agencies, and extensive telephone interviews with seven specific providers.


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