Integration of Bicycles and Transit

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planning - surveys, planning - integration, policy - parking, mode - bike


Bicycle parking, Bicycles, Canada, Case studies, Interviewing, On-board bicycle storage, Public transit, Surveys, Transit operating agencies, United States


This synthesis updates TCRP Synthesis of Transit Practice 4, "Integration of Bicycles and Transit." Since that report's publication in 1994, there has been significant growth in bicycle and transit services. Therefore, this synthesis reflects the additional knowledge gained by transit agencies in the past 10 years about integrating bicycles and transit. It documents many different types of transit agencies in the United States and Canada. This topic is of interest to transit agencies of all sizes and locations; state, regional, and local transportation policymakers; and elected officials. It is also of interest to bicycle and transit planners and advocates. The experiences that are documented can help transit agencies improve existing services and assist other communities in developing new bicycle and transit services. An online survey was conducted to gather feedback from transit agencies that currently offer or are considering providing bicycle services. Follow-up interviews were done to gather additional information about one or more of their transit services. Based on this detailed information, topical case studies were developed and included throughout the report.


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