On-Board and Intercept Transit Survey Techniques


Bruce Schaller

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planning - surveys, land use - planning, literature review - literature review


Implementation, Intercept surveys, Interviewing, Literature reviews, Market research, On-board surveys, Planning, Questionnaires, State of the practice, Transit operating agencies


This synthesis documents and summarizes transit agencies' experiences with planning and implementing on-board and intercept surveys. On-board/intercept surveys used throughout the report refer to self-administered surveys distributed on board buses and rail-cars, and in stations, as well as interviews conducted in these environments. The report provides an overview of industry practices and covers a broad range of issues addressed in planning a given survey. This topic is of interest to transit agency staff responsible for the market research in their agency. They can use this report to learn from and compare their experiences with the experiences of other agencies. The findings in this report are based on a literature review, a survey of transit agencies from across the United States, analysis of documentation submitted by transit agencies, and interviews with transit agency staff and other professionals involved in on-board and intercept transit surveys. Fifty-two transit agencies from throughout the United States provided information for this report.


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