Web-Based Survey Techniques

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planning - surveys, mode - rail, mode - subway/metro, literature review - literature review


Case studies, Interviewing, Literature reviews, New Jersey Transit, Southern California Regional Rail Authority, State of the practice, Transit operating agencies, Travel surveys, Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon, TriMet (Portland, Oregon), Web-based surveys


This synthesis documents the current state of the practice for web-based surveys. The intent of the report is to provide a resource for successful practice, discuss the technologies necessary to conduct web-based surveys, and present several case studies and profiles of transit agency use of web-based surveys. The topic will be of interest to transit planners and managers and those who work with them as they attempt to develop and refine web-based surveys for their own transit agencies. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding the strengths and limitations of all survey methods. Information presented in this synthesis was obtained from a literature review, as well as from survey responses from 36 transit professionals. Follow-up telephone calls were made to gather further information. Longer telephone interviews were conducted to develop three detailed case studies: NJ TRANSIT, Southern California Regional Rail Authority (Metrolink), and Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet).


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