Management Toolkit for Rural and Small Urban Transportation Systems

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infrastructure - vehicle, economics - appraisal/evaluation, organisation - management, place - rural, place - urban


Customer service, Management, Operations, Procurement, Risk management, Rural transit, Self evaluation, Small towns, Transit operating agencies, Vehicle maintenance


This toolkit identifies an array of management principles and techniques, for use by small urban and rural public transportation providers, to assist in managing their transportation services and resources effectively. The toolkit has two parts: a guidebook and a self-assessment tool. The guidebook introduces the idea of customer-driven transit service attributes and includes general management philosophies. Also included in the guidebook are exemplary practices and "how to" instructions for some topics. Additional sections describing "rules of thumb" or "things to avoid" are included for some management processes. Each chapter of the guidebook discusses a customer-service attribute and how it can be measured and tracked. Some of the customer-service attributes are reliability, safety/security, convenience/accessibility, comfort/cleanliness, and affordability. The guidebook also includes four chapters on the "cross-cutting" topics, including operations management, risk management, vehicle maintenance, and procurement. The self-assessment tool on disk, that accompanies this report, is designed to give the user a baseline or current picture of the status of the transit system.


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