Parking Pricing and Fees - Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes

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policy - parking, economics - pricing, organisation - structures


employees, fee structures, handbooks, parking, parking fees, pricing, subsidies


TRB’s Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Report 95: Chapter 13 -- Parking Pricing and Fees examines traveler response to both the introduction of parking pricing and fees and to changes in the level, structure, or method of application of parking fees. Included are actions that can change the costs to users of parking even without fee changes, notably through elimination of employer parking subsidies and by fee structures that differentiate by modes of parking (short/long term) or travel (drive-alone/ridesharing). This report is part of TCRP’s Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Handbook series. The overarching objective of the Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Handbook is to equip members of the transportation profession with a comprehensive, readily accessible, interpretive documentation of results and experience obtained across the United States and elsewhere from (1) different types of transportation system changes and policy actions and (2) alternative land use and site development design approaches.


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