Analyzing the Effectiveness of Commuter Benefits Programs

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planning - surveys, land use - impacts, economics - revenue, economics - appraisal/evaluation, economics - benefits


Benefits, Commuter benefits programs, Commuter service, Costs, Evaluation and assessment, Impacts, Interviewing, Public transit, Revenues, Ridership, Surveys, Transit operating agencies, Travel behavior


Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Report 107: Analyzing the Effectiveness of Commuter Benefits Programs includes guidance on evaluating the effectiveness of a transit benefits program and information on how a transit benefits program can be designed and implemented to more effectively meet goals and objectives. The report also summarizes research on the impacts of transit benefits programs on travel behavior and on transit agencies’ system -wide ridership, revenues, and costs. The appendixes to TCRP Report 107 have been released as TCRP Web Only Document 27.


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