Toolkit for Integrating Non-Dedicated Vehicles in Paratransit Service Last

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infrastructure - vehicle, mode - paratransit


Computer program documentation, Cost effectiveness, Decision making, Non-dedicated paratransit services, Optimization, Paratransit services, Spreadsheets, Toolkits


This report is a toolkit that can be used by transportation managers to determine the appropriate split between dedicated and non-dedicated paratransit services to increase cost-effectiveness and meet peak demand needs. This report includes a Non-Dedicated Vehicle Optimization (NDV) Model and User Manual. The NDV Model is spreadsheet-based and may be used by paratransit system managers and planners to assist with making decisions regarding appropriate service ratios for specific conditions and environments. In addition to the toolkit, a Case Study Report and an Interim Report (which includes an analysis of factors that influence the mix of dedicated and non-dedicated paratransit service) are available for download from the project's website.


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