Assessment of Hybrid-Electric Transit Bus Technology

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economics - operating costs, mode - bus, mode - bike


capital, decision making, hybrid-electric propulsion, life cycle costing, operating costs, purchasing, technology assessment, transit buses


This report provides decision-making guidelines coupled with a comprehensive life cycle cost model (LCCM) to assist transit managers in evaluating, selecting, and implementing hybrid-electric technology options for transit buses. The guidelines and the accompanying LCC model resulted from the gathering of site data coupled with a comprehensive review of both capital requirements and operating costs of hybrid-electric buses in comparison with those powered by traditional diesel engines. Information grew out of a sound, engineering-based, independent technical evaluation of the costs, performance, and reliability of hybrid-electric transit bus technology in actual service. The LCC model, contained on the accompanying CD-ROM (CRP-CD-71), allows the user to compare the total life cycle costs across several cost categories for up to 6 different "purchase scenarios." These scenarios let the user decide when the purchases will be made, the types of buses to be compared, the work load of the buses, and many other cost inputs in determining benefits and costs associated with alternative purchasing strategies.


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