Development of a public transport priority corridor in Central London

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Conference Paper

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infrastructure - bus/tram priority


The object of this study is to consider how to improve surface public transport, by using intermediate modes, beyond what is likely to be achieved with bus priorities in a corridor in central London. The Cross River Partnership (CRP) consists of the central London boroughs, local businesses, Railtrack, the Port of London Authority and London Transport (LT). They have proposed the development of public transport priority corridor in central London to improve cross river linkages, travel quality and accessibility for commuters, tourists, students, and business travellers, and to improve the environment for pedestrians. Bus priority measures have delivered benefits to bus users in London. However, to achieve a new level of travel quality in the corridor an intermediate mode service may be justifiable. The proposal has substantial implications for both the public transport network and the impact on the highway network. This paper first explains the background to the scheme and discusses the objectives of the CRP. It then examines the development of a modelling system to provide indicators about the performance of the scheme. Rather than develop such capability from scratch, the approach was to draw on existing experience and models, so far as these could be applied to inform against the scheme's objectives. The paper concludes with initial forecasts and the implications for the development of this scheme and other similar proposals.


Permission to publish abstract given by AET.