Integration of light rail in the limited space of urban roads - a new approach: good results in Switzerland


P Hotz

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Conference Paper

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planning - integration, place - urban, mode - rail, mode - tram/light rail


A report of new traffic approaches in Switzerland has to resume some political and transport-historical paradigmas [1]: 1950-1980 Promotion of MIT" * no adaptation of public transport to the development of settlements * rejection of underground railway projects Result: Public transport looses market-shares 1975-2000 Coexistence between MIT and PT: * sophisticated traffic management * innovative solutions for PT Result: The volume of privat traffic remains stable within the cities, but not in the regions and conurbation. This despite of the extension of suburban train systems and the reduction of public parking space. Since 1995 Promotion of PT and alternative mobility solutions: * car rental (per day and by hours) * extensive 30 km/h speed limit in residential areas * promotion of bicycles and pedestrians * renaissance of urban roads, rectifications * political pressure to reduce speed on urban roads * upgrading of tramway networks in cities and agglomerations * pdcing measures of all private and public parking spaces * rise in prices for MIT and PT


Permission to publish abstract given by AET.