Implementation of an advanced AVM system for the Trieste bus network

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Conference Paper

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ridership - commuting, mode - bus


Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVM) systems are useful to improve the quality standards of the public transport service; in general this improvement may be related to the increase of the attractiveness of public transport, in order to modify the modal split, and to reduce the costs by increasing the commercial speed. It is possible to achieve these improvements through a number of functions based on the AVM system and in particular related to the connections between this system and other systems useful to manage traffic control in cities (UTCS, Passenger Information Systems, VMS, and so on). In this context the aim of this paper is to describe the architecture of an AVM system which is characterised by some innovative features able to increase the functionality of the bus loealisation system. Then it is briefly discussed the real implementation oft his system in the case of the city of Trieste.


Permission to publish abstract given by AET.