Integral design method for regional public transport: organising the market

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Conference Paper

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place - europe


Public transport services in the Netherlands are recently undergoing a decentralisation and privatisation process. One of the consequences is that the control of the integral traffic and transport policy at a regional scale will be transferred from the national to the provincial level. In addition, the co-ordinating role in the organisation of city and regional transport will fall under the responsibilities of the provinces. In order to be well-prepared for these new provincial tasks and responsibilities, the interprovincial consultation board [IPO] has asked TNO Inro [Research Institute for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development] and Delft University of Technology to develop a vision of regional public transport. In view of agreements to be made with NS [Dutch rail] on the operating of unprofitable regional rail services (the so-called "contract sector rail transport"), defining which rail services have to be considered as regional is an important part of this vision.


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