Uxbridge - Heathrow Corridor


B Castelijn

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Conference Paper

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place - europe


This paper presents the Uxbridge : Heathrow Corridor as an example of public/private sector partnership, preparing and implementing measures to encourage sustainable transport. Public transport accessibility to the airport along the Corridor from the north has been poor for many years. The London Borough of Hillingdon has been very concerned that this might not improve as the British Airports Authority did not propose any changes in the Environmental Statement supporting the planning application for Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport (T5). T5 is likely to effectively double the existing traffic generation. The Heathrow Area Transport Forum is a public/private sector partnership aiming to optimise the use of existing transport infrastructure and introduce measures to encourage a shift to sustainable modes of transport. The Forum has selected the Uxbridge - Heathrow Corridor as a pilot scheme (FIGURE 1), to improve matters for cyclists and public transport and to use incentives to reduce high car usage in the area. The pilot project takes place in an area where car usage and ownership are the highest in London while average household income is below average (FIGURE 2).


Permission to publish abstract given by AET.