An integrated system of transport and land-use models for Auckland and its application

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Conference Paper

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technology - intelligent transport systems


Auckland, interaction model, land use, transport, policy


This paper describes the development and use of an integrated system of new regional transport and land use models for Auckland, New Zealand, known as the Auckland Transport Models (ATM2) project. The component models within the ATM2 project are the Auckland Strategic Planning Model ASP3, run on DELTA software, and the Auckland Regional Transport Model ART3, run on Emme software. The models are strategic in nature: they model the entire Auckland Region at a relatively high level to assess regional impacts, rather than local issues. The ATM2 models are intensively used by Auckland Regional Council to forecast land use and transport demands in the region to assist planners and decision makers in developing efficient and effective strategies to guide regional development. They are tools that quantify and compare options relating to land use development and associated transport systems. The ATM2 models are able to respond to a wide range of policy and other decisions. The results of two scenario tests are presented.