Space and time related determinants of public transport use in trip chains

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Journal Article

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ridership - mode choice


travel time, elasticities, trip chains, travel time ratio, public transport, mode choice


This research aims at gaining a better understanding about time and space related determinants, which are generally acknowledged to be important factors in the choice of transport mode. The effect of trip chaining is taken into account to improve the insight in the relation between the choice of transport mode and time factors. The data source is the first large scale Belgian mobility survey, carried out in 1998–1999, complemented with a newly created database, containing for each trip a calculated public transport trip. This allows comparing for each trip the actual travel time with the calculated travel time by public transport. Using elasticities and regression techniques the relation between travel time components and public transport use is quantified. On trip level, a clear relation is found between waiting and walking time and public transport use. On trip chain level, travel time variables for the whole trip chain such as the maximum and the range in the travel time ratio provide a significant improvement to the explanatory power of the regression model. The results contain parameters for model input and recommendations to public transport companies on information provision, intermodality and supply.


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