User perceptions of private paratransit operation in Indonesia

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Journal Article

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ridership - perceptions, mode - paratransit


In this article, public perception is expressed by user participation in rating the mode’s condition and loyalty to it. The aim of this research is to explore user perceptions of paratransit (i.e., jitney) operation, a privately owned and operated mode of transport, regarding quality of service, frequency of negative experience, and loyalty. This article examines the condition of paratransit from the user’s point of view to balance the judgment from other stakeholders. The findings from path analysis reveal the important determinants that influence overall satisfaction. Moreover, path analysis supports the hypothesis that this mode will still be relevant in the future, as there is a community base that uses this mode faithfully. Binomial regression analysis explores the characteristics of this loyal group of users. It can be concluded that the existence of paratransit in the future is still acceptable in developing countries such as Indonesia.


Permission to publish the abstract given by the Journal of Public Transportation.