Space Requirements for Wheeled Mobility Devices in Public Transportation

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Journal Article

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mode - paratransit, place - north america, policy - disability


universal design, wheeled mobility devices, revised guidelines


Recent research on the anthropometry of wheeled mobility devices and their users (n = 369) indicates that the current dimensions for clear floor area prescribed in U. S. accessibility standards for transportation are inadequate for accommodating many users of wheeled mobility devices, especially those who use power chairs and scooters. The current report presents anthropometry data for determining the dimensions of clear floor area on the basis of occupied device length and width to achieve a specified level of physical accommodation. The implications of the findings and the need to revise guidelines for accessible public transportation systems are discussed. The transportation industry as well as mobility device manufacturers, vendors, and prescribers should understand the limitations of current standards and become involved in the dialogue about how to improve them.


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