Safety of public transportation occupational drivers risk perception, attitudes, and driving behavior

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Journal Article

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planning - safety/accidents, place - asia, mode - bus, mode - taxi, planning - surveys, planning - education


public transport, drivers, risk, behaviour, attitudes


Public transportation plays a key role in providing transport services for the public in most cities of China. Safety is a top priority for improving the level of services of public transportation. This study aims to identify crash risk factors associated with demographic characteristics, driving-related experiences, and aberrant driving behaviors of the drivers of public transportation vehicles as well as to establish the influence of risk perception, risk-taking attitudes, and risky driving behaviors. The data used for analyses were obtained from a self-reported questionnaire survey carried out among 248 taxi and bus drivers in Wuhan, China. The results showed that drivers who both reported more tendencies toward aggressive violations and ordinary violations and had previously been involved in crashes were at high risk of crash involvement. Moreover, through the use of a structural equation model, it was found that drivers' attitudes toward rule violations and speeding significantly affect risky driving behaviors. Two risk perception scales, likelihood of crash and concern, have indirect effects on risky driving behaviors through their influence on drivers' attitudes toward rule violations and speeding. The significant risk factors and influential paths identified in this study are expected to result in better planning of road safety campaigns aimed at the occupational drivers in public transportation.


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