Robust routing of rapid transit rolling stock

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Journal Article

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place - europe, mode - rail, infrastructure - rolling stock, infrastructure - fleet management, infrastructure - maintainance


suburban railways, rolling stock, rapid transit, robust routing


The suburban railway operating company RENFE (the main Spanish operator of suburban passenger trains) must be able to compete with other companies in an open market in the suburbs, where frequencies are high and distances are relatively short, so they must provide high-quality service for passengers with very efficient use of rolling stock resources. The latter requires an adequate amount of rolling stock and efficient shunting and crew assignment procedures. The train routing problem determines the sequence for specific material. In other words, once we know the material assigned to each operation, we must know which operation precedes and succeeds it. We developed a robust model that attempts to minimize the delay propagation in each sequence as well as the crew requirements at depot stations. Here, robustness means that conflicting material connections are spread out in time as much as possible. Computational experiments were developed using the Madrid suburban rail network. The obtained results, achieved for short times and based on a previous efficient rolling stock assignment, show that a more robust and efficient solution than the current one can be obtained.


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