Examining the benefits of using bio-CNG in urban bus operations

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, place - europe, planning - environmental impact, policy - sustainable, technology - alternative fuels


Alternative fuel, Bus operations, Compressed natural gas


Public service fleets offer an attractive option for introducing new renewable fuels on a large scale, which allow for the reduction of both greenhouse gas emissions and exhaust air pollutants. This study examines the use of biomethane (bio-CNG) and compressed natural gas for part of the bus fleet in Dublin, Ireland. The emissions produced from the 2008 fleet based at one of the city’s seven bus depots are compared to use of new diesel and bio-CNG buses. The optimum feedstock for bio-CNG production in Ireland was then investigated, as well as the quantity of feedstock needed to produce the required bio-CNG to fuel the bus fleet examined. As expected the results showed a substantial decrease in all exhaust emissions from the use of bio-CNG buses compared the 2008 fleet. Grass silage was chosen as the optimum feedstock for production of bio-CNG in Ireland.


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