Renewable Energy Use Advantages of Maglev-Based Personal Rapid Transit

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Journal Article

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technology - alternative fuels, mode - demand responsive transit, place - north america, economics - benefits


Maglev personal rapid transit (MPRT), personal rapid transit (PRT), renewable


Maglev personal rapid transit (MPRT) is a personal rapid transit (PRT) system that uses renewable energy in usage, distribution, and generation. A PRT system provides on-demand service in a manner similar to the automobile. Different types of PRT have different impacts on the electrical grid load. Recent advances in power electronics and maglev technology allow for the design of a novel MPRT system characterized not only by exceptionally low power requirements but also by a unique capacity to incorporate energy distribution and storage infrastructure into the greater transportation architecture. A hypothetical hybrid MPRT design incorporating energy storage and transmission capabilities is described. In addition, thorough carbon dioxide and cost analyses are undertaken to more fully understand the spectrum of benefits of an MPRT solution, in comparison to conventional vehicle and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle approaches. An MPRT system not only offers significant advantages over other technologies in efficiently using renewable energy but also represents the unique potential to address urgent energy challenges by incorporating power transmission, storage, and generation infrastructure.


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