How to Capture the Passengers' Point of View on a Transit Service through Rating and Choice Options

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Journal Article

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ridership - attitudes, ridership - perceptions, mode - bus, place - europe, operations - performance


passengers point of view, alternative transit services, perceptions, expectations, service quality


In this paper, a methodology for capturing the transit passenger's point of view by using both rating and choice options is proposed. For this purpose, some discrete choice logit models are introduced; the models allow the probability of choice of some alternative transit services to be calculated, and the importance of each service aspect to be determined. The models are calibrated by using data collected by a survey in which a stated preferences experiment was proposed to a sample of passengers, and some judgements were expressed by them about their transit services, in terms of perceptions and expectations. The introduced methodology provides a relevant contribution from a practical viewpoint because it allows the identification of the most important aspects on overall service quality; it is useful to the transit operators for measuring service quality and for investing on the various service aspects in order to effectively improve transit services.