Interaction Analysis between Night Train Operation and Maintenance Time on Passenger Dedicated Railway Line

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - maintainance, mode - rail, place - asia, operations - scheduling


passenger dedicated railway line (PDL), sunset-departure and sunrise-arrival train, night train operation, vertical rectangular maintenance time window, mathematical model


Maintenance time on passenger dedicated line (PDL) affects the night train operation, considering the high-speed train can travel across adjacent conventional and inter-city railway lines with harmoniously utilizing the capacity of transport corridor to meet the demands of night service, the paper analyzes the interaction between setting up full range of vertical rectangular maintenance time window on PDL and night train operation, then the mathematical model for obtaining the best location of time window is established with minimizing the number of train ODs affected by time window as object, and meeting the reasonable departure and arrival time zone of sunset-departure and sunrise-arrival train as constraints, algorithm is also designed. Taking Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway as example, a conclusion that there is little difference of the number of train ODs affected by different locations of time window is obtained by computer programming, then the relatively best location of 4-hour vertical rectangular time window are given when the train-sets' speed is 350 km/h and 250 km/h, and velocity coefficient is 0.9 and 0.8, respectively, the operation adjusting methods for those trains affected by the time window are also given, on these basis, the appropriate train-sets' speed of night train is suggested preliminarily.


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