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Spring 5-15-2007

Subject Area

mode - community transport, mode - school bus, operations - performance, planning - education, planning - methods, planning - route design, planning - service improvement, planning - service quality, planning - travel demand management, ridership - modelling, ridership - young people, technology - geographic information systems, place - north america


universities and colleges transportation system, transit system, transit program, transit case, supportive infrastructure, ridership, public bus transportation parameters, geographical information system, efficiency, effectiveness


This synthesis project describes a comprehensive framework to evaluate a campus transit program of universities and colleges. As a purpose and nature of college transit system differs from a normal public bus transportation system, four different parameters(1) Efficiency, (2) Effectiveness, (3) Supportive infrastructure, and (4) Financial aspect are selected to assess it. To assess these parameters, a mixed method research data-set consist of qualitative, quantitative, geographical information system, photographic analysis is used. Based on this assessment, it also describes strategies to optimize transit service in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, to increase ridership, and to provide environmental friendly transit system with the best possible short-term and long term strategies.


Permission to publish this thesis has been given by Jaydeep Chaudhari, copyright remains with the author.