Traffic Safety and City Public Transport System: Case Study of Bengaluru, India

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Journal Article

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place - asia, planning - safety/accidents, mode - bus, infrastructure - bus/tram lane


vehicle crashes, India, bus, low-floor buses, mechanical doors, segregated predestrian lane, segregated bicycle lanes, fatal crashes


Vehicle crashes are a major concern in rapidly growing urban agglomerations. They also have attracted the attention of researchers, academicians, and policy makers. A large body of research literature exists that throws light on the magnitude of this problem and also indicates the interventions required. In a vast majority of Indian cities, buses are the main mode of public transport. An externality of the bus-based public transport system, like any other mode of transport, is the injuries and fatalities arising out of the crashes involving them. Buses are involved in 12-20 percent of fatal crashes in Indian cities. This paper presents an analysis of the fatal crashes that involved public transport buses in Bengaluru, India. The study suggests that low floor buses with mechanical doors and segregated pedestrian and bicycle lanes can have a major impact on reducing fatal crashes of bicycles and pedestrians involving buses.


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