The effect of Advanced Traveller Information Systems on public transport demand and its uncertainty

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Journal Article

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place - europe, economics - willingness to pay, technology - automatic vehicle monitoring, technology - intelligent transport systems, technology - passenger information


Advanced Traveller Information Systems, ordered probit demand model, Monte Carlo simulation, uncertainty


Advanced Traveller Information Systems (ATISs) include a broad range of advanced computer and communication technologies. These systems are designed to provide transit riders pre-trip and real-time information, to make better informed decisions regarding their mode of travel, planned routes and travel times. ATISs include in-vehicle displays, terminal or wayside based information centres, information by phone or mobile and internet. In this article, a Stated Preference survey has been carried out in order to know the preferences of public transport's customers related to different ATISs and their willingness to pay in Palermo. An ordered probit demand model has been calibrated to determine the potential additional share of demand attracted by the adoption of ATISs. Finally, Monte Carlo simulation has been carried out to appraise the uncertainty on some parameters of the calibrated demand model. The results show that respondents give more importance to the type of information and its cost, whereas they are less interested in the system that provides the information.


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