Spectator Arrival and Departure Traffic Mode and Influence Factors in Beijing Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremony

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Journal Article

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place - asia, mode - bus, mode - subway/metro, mode - taxi, policy - congestion


urban traffic, olympic games, opening and closing ceremony, traffic mode, large special events


In the Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, participants' arrival and departure transportation demand in small area and short period of time with high volume is a great challenge for transportation services. Analyzing the arrival and departure traffic mode is the basis of traffic organiziation. With the survey data collected from the opening and closing ceremonies, this study explores the traffic mode structure of spectators' arrival and departure. This study compares the different mode structures of opening and closing ceremonies, reveals several factors, and analyzes their impacts on arrival and departure traffic mode choice, namely, management policy, traffic mode timeliness, transportation supply, media propagandize, and the origin of spectators. The study provides suggestions for proper traffic control, management policy isssue, and traffic organization of the Olympic Games and other big events.


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