Urban Mixed Traffic Flow Considering the Influence by Origin-destination of Public Transportation

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - stop, mode - bus, infrastructure - station


mixed traffic flow, the origin-destination of public transportation, computer simulation, cellular automata model (CA), aggressive lane-changing


With the increasing of cars, the influences of bus stops on urban transportation have become increasingly prominent. The researches about the origin-destination of public transportation will help to optimize layout of bus stops, reduce the influences of origin-destination of public transportation on the traffic, and improve the traffic efficiency of bus station road. In this paper, basing on the nagel-schreckenberg models of traffic flow and using the two-lane aggressive lane-changing rule, the influence of the origin-destination of the public transportation on the urban bidirectional four-lane mixed traffic flow is simulated with the open boundary conditions. Taking the departure time interval, the inject probability and the location of the origin-destination of the public transportation. We get the reasonable value of the bus departure frequency and the location of public transportation, which can offer a practical reference to the improvement for the urban road traffic and the traffic management.


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