Pickup Modifications for Rural Transport Services in Cambodia


Matthew Ericson

Document Type

Journal Article

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Subject Area

economics - benefits, mode - bus, mode - other, place - asia, planning - safety/accidents, place - rural


rural public transport, Cambodia, pickup trucks, cargo, passengers, safety, economic benefits


This paper regards the operation of rural public transport services provided by
pickup trucks and minibuses in Cambodia. Presented are survey data revealing how
pickup modifications, especially cargo area canopies, are used to increase passenger
and cargo capacity. A particular emphasis is placed on the importance of pickup
transport services to economic activity. The results reveal that passengers traveling
for economic reasons constitute 66 percent of passengers and carry 77 percent of
the cargo weight. Transport operators may be modifying vehicles in response to
their passengers’ commercial requirements. This paper highlights both the economic
benefits and safety risks of such modifications.


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