Urban Rail Transit Construction and Regional Economic Development in China

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Journal Article

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mode - rail, place - asia, economics - appraisal/evaluation


urban rail transit, regional economic, coordinated development


The development of urban rail transit is a cause which should need huge investment. The current Chinese urban rail transit infrastructure is mainly manifested as an act of government investment. If inappropriately, it will not only cause a huge waste of money and a heavy financial burden upon the government, but also can be more likely to lead to a serious imbalance of the allocation of resources, so as to undermine the coordinated development of economic sectors, block social progress. From the perspective of sustainable urban development, the problems between the current urban rail transit and regional economic development was analyzed so as to reveal the relationship between the urban rail transit and regional economic development. The results show that the correct understanding of the economic construction of urban rail transit properties, promote and coordinate the relationship between the urban rail transit planning and economic development, can make China's urban rail transit construction and regional economic coordinated development realize.


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