Optimization Model for Resorting Capacity of Marshalling Station under Considering Proportion of Direct Trains

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Journal Article

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place - asia, mode - rail, infrastructure - station, operations - capacity, operations - scheduling


railway transportation, resorting capacity, LINGO, marshalling station, direct trains


The optimization for resorting capacity of marshalling station should refer to actual needs. After the completion of strategic loading station, the proportion of direct trains will increase, and the amount of reclassification in the network will decrease, affecting the capacity needs of each station. So this paper constructs an optimization model for resorting capacity of marshalling station under considering the proportion of direct trains, calculates the proportion of direct trains, the traffic organization program, and the capacity of marshalling stations to relate to each other, sets an accurate variable to describe resorting capacity of marshalling station, and then successfully solves the problem by the mathematical software LINGO. The result shows that the higher proportion of direct trains does not mean the better, there is an optimum value to minimize the total cost. The optimization result of this model is precise and effective, and the desired effect is achieved.


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