Highest Reliability-based Optimum Maintenance Scheduling Model for Traction Substations in Railways

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - station, infrastructure - maintainance, mode - rail, place - asia, operations - reliability, operations - scheduling, organisation - workforce planning


railway transportation, optimum maintenance scheduling, heuristic approaches, traction substations


Optimum maintenance scheduling for traction substations guarantees reliable and efficient operation of electrical railways. Reliability-based optimum scheduling models are respectively proposed through the analysis of the structure and maintenance cost of individual components in traction substations in this study. An individual components-based heuristic algorithm for solving the proposed models is developed considering the structural complexity of traction substations. Furthermore, a reliability evaluation-based co-ordination method is devised for optimum scheduling of traction substations. Case studies from field data are implemented to verify the validity and practicability of the proposed methods by their solutions.


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