Development of an Integrated Adaptive Transit Signal Priority (ATSP) and Dynamic Passenger Information (DPI) System

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place - north america, mode - bus, infrastructure - traffic signals, technology - automatic vehicle monitoring


Dynamic Passenger Information, Transit Signal Priority, Transit Advanced Communications System


This document reports the development and implementation of an integrated Adaptive Transit Signal Priority (ATSP) and Dynamic Passenger Information (DPI) system, and extensive testing with a real-world operation setting on a 10-mile-long ATSP-enabled road segment along El Camino Real, between 42nd Avenue in San Mateo and Bayhill Road in San Bruno, and on two SamTrans (San Mateo County Transit District) revenue bus routes 390 and 391. The integrated ATSP/DPI system is built upon the existing Transit Automated Vehicle Location/Advanced Communications System (AVL/ACS) to provide transit buses with needed priority at prioritized intersections and to provide transit customers with real-time transit information. The extensive testing in the real-world setting provided valuable opportunities to discover and thus resolved a number of issues that might have prevented the system from achieving high integrate-ability and reliability in the future deployment on a large public scale.