Conjoint Analysis Based Transit Service Quality Research

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, place - asia, operations - reliability, operations - frequency, operations - performance


traffic engineering, transit service quality, conjoint analysis, utility value, weight


Transit quality service is an important factor that affects the bus split rate. This paper studies the passenger's preference of the bus service with the conjoint analysis. Through the actual survey and data analysis, the utility values of the reliability, frequency, walking time, etc. are measured. And the attributes' weights are determined through the utility values. The results show that the bus reliability is passengers' first concern, which is followed by in-bus environment, walking time and frequency. And the station environment and the price weight low. Then the bus service quality in Nanjing was investigated based on the attributes. The results show that passengers' evaluations about reliability, in-bus environment and frequency in the peak period are much lower than that in the non-peak period. And their evaluation on reliability is very low. The peak period in-bus environment and frequency also get bad evaluation.


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