Assessment of Surface Transportation Security Training Needs and Delivery Preferences

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Journal Article

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planning - terrorism, place - north america


surface transportation, security, risks, staff training, terrorist attack


America’s surface transportation system features long and inter-connected routes and open access to stations and vehicles, making the system vulnerable to terrorist attack. While a variety of security-related training products exist for the transportation sector, government and other reports have called for improvements in the transportation security training curriculum in terms of quality and consistency. At the same time, tight economic times have left few extra financial resources available for systems to deliver adequate training to employees. This study assessed the needs for additional security training through focus groups and interviews with representatives of major surface transportation stakeholders and agencies. Training content needs and the approaches that will most effectively implement training in the field are identified. The results are intended to inform those responsible for supporting, developing, or implementing security training about where gaps may exist and about which delivery mechanisms are preferred and most workable.


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